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Kitchen Countertops

Natural Stone


Granite_softgreenFor kitchen countertops, natural granite is known for its attractiveness and its natural benefits – scratch resistance, stain resistance, heat resistance, and versatility.


Marble is a classic stone traditionally used in baking and many kinds of traditional cookery, and has a beautiful aesthetic appeal. Designers generally recommend that this material be used sparingly as a countertop material, as it can be


A hard, natural stone that is tough to crack, soapstone will dent if it is hit with something hard. Even so, some people prefer the distressed, used look that this can give to the stone, and it can be used beautifully and deliberately to accent a design featuring vintage elements.



Available in dramatic colors, these natural quartz countertops are ideal where color consistency is desired along with high strength.


Durable, stronger than granite, and nonporous, these surfaces are comparable to stainless steel when it comes to food preparation. They are also beautiful and available in many colors and styles.


An extraordinarily hard, yet resilient material composed of natural quartz, according to the manufacturer, this countertop also has built-in bacteriostatic protections.


A smooth, stylish premium quartz surface, Ceasearstone is nonporous, scratch and heat resistant. It comes in a variety of styles and is ideal for high-use areas of a kitchen.


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